Our team have provided VIP protection for various high-profile clientele worldwide. Our team was contracted to assist with the 2010 Soccer World Cup held in South Africa. Our team was involved with the protection of VIP guests at the London Olympics in 2012 as well as the Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia in 2014. For all these events, we assisted with logistics and VIP Protection. We have extensive experience in the protection on aircraft and are experienced in all aspects of aircraft security. We have assisted with repatriations, mass deportations for private airline companies, scheduled airline companies and Government.

24 Hour personal protection including advanced intelligence gathering

Area parameter security sweeps including vehicle inspections

Advanced logistical itinerary and daily route planning

Counter surveillance

Direct link to medical emergency rescue services

Ongoing liaison with local government law enforcement agencies around the world within our network

Tourist Protection and logistical planning. Legitimate Asset transportation services (land or air)

Group/Family protection that includes the following:

  • Comprehensive group cohesion and security management of itinerary
  • Secure transportation and logistical route planning
  • Evasive kidnapping procedures and tailor made personal compatibility placements

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