Air charter allows you to decide the point of origin and the destination – you are not restricted to scheduled routes, time limits, size of cargo or passenger groups. Regardless of the nature of the freight to be carried – be it livestock, perishables, mining equipment or dangerous goods, air charter can match your requirements to the appropriate aircraft/configuration. The successful completion of flights relies on FLIGHT CORP’s extensive contact network globally, leveraging long standing relationships with credible and reliable operators. We use a variety of aircraft that is project specific. FLIGHT CORP has a unique combination of passenger and cargo transportation, using both Western and Russian aircraft.

Passenger Charter flights:

We offer a tailor-made service to the specific needs of our client’s trips. Selecting the best aircraft for the number of passengers as well as the route and end destination. We can provide direct service to the desired location without dealing with connecting flights, congested airports, and check-in and security lines. Flight delays and cancellations are minimized. This service includes flight scheduling and planning services as well as we can assist the client by arranging onboard catering, transportation on the ground, etc to name a few.

Cargo Charter flights:

We match cargo and customer requirements to the right cargo aircraft, from the smallest load to heavy, outsized cargo, covering a myriad of considerations before offering the best solutions to our clients in the most cost-efficient way. The charter division specializes in movement of complex cargo in outsized Cargo Carriage aircraft. When timing is critical, the expertise required to deliver the most challenging project resources is simply the starting point. Success comes from the layers of analysis, planning, monitoring and experience that transform the shipment of large, heavy or fragile consignments into a strategic operation that you can trust to deliver within exceptionally demanding timescales.

We have experience in the transportation of the following, but not limited to:

 Ship Spares Armoured vehicles Perishables, Fruit, Vegetables, Fish & Meat
 Aircraft Spares High Security Loads – Bullion Live Stock
Car Parts Movement of highly sensitive election material Various general food items and water
Camp Construction Equipment Dangerous goods Nutrition
Earthmoving Equipment Vehicles Agricultural products
Computer and Electrical Equipment Whole Aircraft and Helicopters Textiles
Exhibition Equipment Evacuations Furniture
Medical and Oil Rig Equipment Houses Small passenger groups
Safety Equipment Protective wear Large passenger group
Office Equipment Musical Instruments Executive travel
Telecommunication Equipment

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